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free willy [25 Oct 2007|07:29am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well I never thought I'd live to see a day where someone admitted that this was their favorite song

Last night's spinning instructor cranked it up and apologized for shattering our ear drums. Was it wrong that I was a little motivated by this song to pedal even faster?? I recommend adding it to your work out mix (tee heee).

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reading glasses [16 Sep 2007|11:02am]
[ mood | elderly ]

I went to the eye docs yesterday for the first time in two years and he asked what I did for a living and when he heard it was a computer based job he asked if I felt like my eyes were really tired by the end of the day and I said yes and that is why I am here for an exam actually. So he told me that my prescription for near sightedness is slightly different than the one for far sightedness so when I am at the computer all day my eyes have to strain and I could correct it by getting a weak pair of reading glasses. I am now modeling a pair of $5 old lady reading glasses from the dollar general. Hott.

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party update [15 Aug 2007|12:17pm]
wait until you can see how many items i can concoct with saltine crackers. for some reason i have two boxes of them! i think one is actually of the whole wheat variety so we can also enjoy some healthful treats.
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You'll want to think twice about complaining about a bad day at work..... [14 Aug 2007|02:27pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

when you read this one

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things that I currently hate (besides the lip gloss song) [29 Jun 2007|06:46pm]
I am sure there are probably more to ad to this list of my current pet peeves but these two just stand out right now! I know I'm kind of bitchy today but I am very annoyed at my job search situation and my current work situation. It's better that I hate on random things rather than take my rage out on inanimate objects or my cats or something!!

Things I hate today:

-When people write their myspace names as Name [some random stupid activity/person/place they are doing]. For example: Jenna [is gettin a new puppy aug 10th!]; Joe [is in Maine all week]; Patty [loves Travis 4-eva]. Shut the fuck up you Myspace losers!!

-These stupid fucking yellow SUVs and the more-than-likely-douchebags that drive them. Every time I have the misfortune of driving near one of these eyesores I cringe! Always a bad driver!!
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this song makes me want to kick someone in the shins [29 Jun 2007|11:05am]
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where's me lucky charms?? [27 Jun 2007|09:55am]
Double rainbow over I-93 as seen while stuck in Friday night traffic to Cape
Rainbows over 93

Is a double rainbow extra lucky??? Where's my pot of gold?
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Happy Birthday j_shields!!!! [16 May 2007|02:44pm]
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OMG - It's the Hoff! [04 May 2007|05:00pm]
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Disturbing Find #2 [29 Apr 2007|11:34am]
I was perusing iTunes today to try to find some new workout tunes to download in Limewire and I came upon something so disturbing. Yes it is in fact more disturbing than the Kidz Bop Chicken Noodle Soup cover!!!

Barbie Hit Mix 2

Track Listing
1. Hollaback Girl
3. Unwritten
4. Stuckwitu
5. Beat Of My Heart
6. Like You
7. Pon De Replay
8. Beautiful Soul
9. Rush
10. Mandy
11. Behind These Hazel Eyes
12. Just The Girl
13. Mississippi Girl
14. Get Your Shine

Nice song choices BARBIE!! Way to teach little 8 year old girls that Barbie ain't no hollaback girl!

There's also a volume one but number two is definitely more disturbing with Barbie singing about how she's not going to take Ken's trash talking bullshit. The worst part is the stellar reviews it got on Amazon!
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Happy Birthday utzgirl!!!! [18 Apr 2007|12:20pm]
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Hope you have a great day and we wish you could be here to celebrate this weekend with us and a few thousand scorpion bowls! You'll probably get to experience the night via drunk texts/calls anyways!!
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like drinking tar.... [13 Apr 2007|11:44am]
So apparently I have not learned my lesson and I decided to indulge in a second cup of coffee this morning and took some from the work pot. Eddy brews the coffee and I will have to do a search to find my old posts about his lack of coffee making skills. This shit is so weak and nasty tasting. What does he do to it???
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ipod [12 Apr 2007|09:27pm]
my ipod mini is full! i want an 8 gb nano for graduation, someone get working on that one!
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[06 Apr 2007|12:13pm]
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OMG I would be all over this with a bucket of hot wings!!! [04 Apr 2007|04:30pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Read more...Collapse )

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yes!! [15 Mar 2007|03:51pm]
I just got my invitation to graduation! I can only get four tickets though so I guess that means my parents, Mark and Tony. I am sure mopedog and my other sister, Jaime, are crying their eyes out at missing yet another fun BU grad ceremony. I am also on the list of students that are eligible to be this year's graduation speaker (it must just be a list of all valid graduates but whatevs, it makes me happy to know that I am fina-fucking-lly graduating). I want to nominate myslef, haha.

I was just on hold with the pediatrician b/c everyone thinks I should call re: the virus and they had Paula Abdul playing, I can't remember which song it was now (blocked it out) but it wasn't one of her earlier hits, rather it was from that lame album she did later on with the video that had Keanu in it.
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poop (literally and figuratively) [12 Mar 2007|08:37am]
Well the damn stomach bug seems to be back at my house. Tony pooped non-stop last night (I know gross but whatevs, some of you like poop and farts). I was getting ready to go to my internship today and I thought I'd better call daycare just to make sure and she told me she would like me to keep him at home for at least 24 hours to make sure the shits run their course. I just hope it does not blow up into the full stomach virus. I'm going to go hose down the bathroom and changing area in Lysol now.
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new workout tune [08 Mar 2007|11:02am]
good for the warm up or cool down portion of your run
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gonna make you sweat [07 Mar 2007|02:41pm]
[ mood | bored ]

On Saturday I will be participating in this event as part of the YMCA of Boston's annual Reach Out for Children Event. The events that are heald during this fundraiser help to fund programs like summer camp for kids that may not be able to otherwise afford them:

Date: Saturday, March 10, 2007
Time: Registration begins at 10:35 am; Kickbox-a-thon: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Saturday March 10 participate in a Crazy 2-hour Kickbox-athon with DIEGO. Get your family, co-workers and friends to pledge toward Reach Out. The first 35 to register get a free gift. Pre-registration required.

If anyone would like to donate to sponsor me please let me know. The only problem is that the YMCA is not cool and tech savvy and does not have donation websites so I'd have to somehow collect from you before this Saturday. I have paypal if anyone knows how you could send me money through that...THANKS!

• $100 provides 2 kids 8 weeks of swim lessons.
• $250 allows 4 children to participate in Y Fit for Kids.
• $500 registers 10 children in Y Youth Sports.
• $1,000 enrolls 2 children in 10 weeks of After School or 5 weeks of
Summer Camp.
• $1,500 helps hire an outreach worker for 5 weeks to support teens.
Help Oak Square reach its 2007 Reach Out goal of $80,000!

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must go buy lottery ticket [06 Mar 2007|12:11pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Do not forget your mega millions tickets. Lately mark has been getting one or two numbers everytime we play now. Please let us get 5+1 tonight thank you.

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